You are welcome to download and try a trial version of Gang
Attack for free to see if it runs on your phone and if you like it.
    A Mobile device supporting the following:
           •  Java applications.
           •  Bluetooth support in Java (some Samsung models do not).
           •  D-pad and soft key buttons.
           •  Mobile Media.
           •  Mobile Internet access to unlock the full version after purchase.
Trial period restrictions
•  A maximum of 2 players can be hosted in the trial version.
•  The trial version will expire after 10 games.
•  To remove the restrictions you will need to purchase Gang Attack
    from the Products page and unlock your copy by selecting ‘Unlock Full
    Version’ from the Help menu. Your device will require Internet access.
Download Instructions
There are 3 ways to get Gang Attack onto your mobile device:
   1. Download - Click the ‘Download Now’ button on this page to download
       the zipped Java files to your PC. Unzip the files and use your device’s
       software to load the Gang Attack application.
   2. Mobile Internet - Enter the following URL into your mobile device’s
       Internet access page to download Gang Attack directly via WAP.
   3. SMS - Have a friend with Gang Attack send you an SMS link to the game
       by selecting ‘Send to a Friend’ from the Help menu. When the SMS is
       received, highlight the link and select Open Link from the SMS menu.
* You will be asked to enter a gamer tag the first time you play which can be
   changed at any time from the ‘Main’ menu