NetcastXpress Download
You are welcome to download and try NetcastXpress for free
to see if you like it.
    •  A Nokia S40 mobile phone capable of playing large media files.
        (Nokia S60 phones - see below)
    •  Nokia PC Suite installed on the PC and connection to phone setup.      
    •  Microsoft Vista or XP (XP admin account) and Microsoft .Net framework
        Version 3.5.
Evaluation period restriction
•  You can only subscribe to a maximum of three Netcasts titles while
    evaluating NetcastXpress. You can download as many episodes as
    you like for those titles.
•  To remove the restriction you will need to purchase NetcastXpress
    from the Products page and unlock your copy.
1. Click the ‘Download Now’ button to download the zipped setup file.
2. Unzip the downloaded file to a temporary directory.
2. Ensure that your phone is connected to Nokia PC Suite either by cable or
3. Run ‘setup.exe’ in the temporary folder and follow the setup instructions.
    NetcastXpress can then be found in the NetcastXpress program folder.
5. See the QUICK START guide to get up and running.
* Nokia S60  phones - NetcastXpress was built for Nokia S40 phones but will
   run on S60 phones with some conditions.
    •  Bluetooth not available.
    •  Disable Phone Connector ‘auto Start’. When ready for a phone update,
        click the Update button on the phone then the Phone Connector button
        on the PC.
    •  A popup will appear on the phone each time you click the Play button
        and will appear for every file sent at the end of the Phone Update.