Smart Phone Software
NetcastXpress is the easy way to listen to Network Audio Broadcasts (Podcasts)
on your Nokia mobile phone.
Netcast episodes are downloaded automatically to the NetcastXpress PC
application and then sent to the NetcastXpress mobile application with one click,
either by bluetooth or serial connection. NetcastXpress creates a playlist of your
favourite shows and plays the episodes in turn – no more scrolling through
menus to play the next episode. You will have hours of audio entertainment
wherever you go.
-  only AU$ 2.58
Gang Attack
Gang Attack is a fast paced multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices.
Up to four players connected by Bluetooth attempt to outsmart each other to
be the first to take City hall and win the game.
-  only AU$ 0.88
BanQi Blue
-  only AU$ 0.88
BanQi is a two player game, related to Chinese chess, that combines strategy and
luck. Play this fast, fun game on your Java enabled mobile phone against the
computer or play a friend on another phone using Bluetooth.