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About Gang Attack
Gang Attack is a fast paced strategy game for 2 to 4 players that is
available for many Java and Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phones. Each player
on their own device slugs it out with other gangs to be the first to take
City Hall and win the game.
Playing Gang Attack
•  One player selects ‘Host New Game’ from the main menu. The Host player must have their device’s Bluetooth
    settings set as Visible to All. Other players select ‘Join Game’ on their devices to connect and are allocated a
    colour. When all players are connected the Host player starts the game. The starting player is selected
    randomly and shown by a flashing Base Square.
•  Each player gets 6 pieces as shown right:
-  only AU$ 0.88
    •  Exciting multiplayer action.
    •  Weapons sound effects.
    •  Backlight auto on option.
    •  Save game facility.
    •  Send game link to a friend feature.
Rank - 1
Rank - 2
Rank - 3
GUN (x3)
Rank - 4
•  The centre ‘City Hall’ square has 4 coloured side streets. The first player to move their BOSS onto that square
    from their coloured side street wins the game.
•  One piece moves into play each turn from a players Corner Base square, if empty, until all pieces are in play.
    Pieces moving into play, except the BOSS, can be moved to any square except the Centre and Base squares.
    Players can either move the piece coming into play or another already in play.
•  Use the device’s D-pad directional buttons to select a piece to move then the D-pad fire button to start the
    move. The selection border colour turns turqoise for pieces coming into play and crimson for pieces already
    in play. Move the piece with the directional buttons then hit fire to end the move.
•  Pieces can move 1 space except the CAR which can move along multiple empty squares in one direction.
    Pieces cannot move diagonally. Only the Boss can move to the centre square and pieces can move to their
    own Base square only if empty. Only one piece can occupy a square.
•  Pieces already in play can attack opponents pieces of the same rank or less with the attacked piece being
    removed. However the BOSS can be attacked by any piece. The attacked BOSS returns to it’s Base Square
    moving any piece there out of play and the attacking piece is removed unless the attacker is also a BOSS.
•  The game can be saved from the ‘Pause’ menu by any player and resumed later with that player as Host. The
    ‘Host Saved Game’ option will appear if there is a saved game. This is useful if the Host player has to drop out
    of the game. There are also options in the ‘Pause’ menu for Sound and Backlight settings.