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About Netcasts
 Netcasts (sometimes known as podcasts) are like radio
 programs except that they are downloaded from the Internet
 and can be listened to at you convenience.
 There are a number of websites that provide a directory of
 netcasts, such as, making it easy to find
 the programs that interest you.
 There are now thousands of netcast audio programs being
 produce that will entertain and inform you, and like radio
 programds they are free.
About NetcastXpress
 NetcastXpress makes it easy to listen to netcasts on your
 Nokia mobile phone. Just select the netcasts that you want
 to listen to and NetcastXpress will automatically check for
 and download the latest program episodes.
 Only one click is needed to update the episode playlist on
 the phone either by serial cable or bluetooth, removing
 played episodes on the phone and PC.
    •  The installation program installs both the PC and phone software in one
        operation. Can be used just on the PC to download and play Netcast episodes.
    •  You choose the episode to start receiving from. Start receiving all available
        episodes or only the latest and you can change this at any time.
    •  The ‘Netcast Receiver’ will check all of your shows for new episodes with one
        click and can be set to continue checking at regular intervals.
    •  Automatically creates a playlist of shows. You choose the show order of the
        playlist and how many episodes to listen to at a time. This is usefull for those
        netcasts that come out daily and are of short duration.
    •  Updates the phone playlist with just one click. You can use either a serial or
        a bluetooth connection.
    •  Listening to episodes on the phone is easy. You can let the playlist play the
        shows one after the other or you can skip to any episode in the list. When the
        episode is complete NetcastXpress will resume playing from the playlist.
    •  Gives you the option to keep all show episodes or any episode you have
        listened to on the phone. You can then listen to these again on the PC.
    •  Automatically removes played episodes from the phone and PC unless they
        have been requested to be saved.
    •  Displays how many hours and minutes worth of unplayed episodes you have
        left on the phone making it easy to know when to update the playlist.
    •  NetcastXpress can run through a proxy server if you want to use it at work.
-  only AU$ 2.58